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Rubber liner

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    It covers hundreds of different types of mills, including ball mills, mills,pipe mills, rod mills, desulfurizer mills, coal water slurry mills, and gas brick mills. And we can customize according to the customer's actual situation. If the customer's mill model is uniquely designed, we can provide us with drawings. We will design and produce the mill rubber liners that meet the requirements for the customers. Now our rubber liner can be up to 7 meters in diameter and unlimited in length.

    Rubber linings have the following advantages:
    1) Good wear resistance and long service life. Under normal conditions, the service life of the rubber liner is 2-3 times that of the high manganese steel liner and 5-6 times that of the ceramic industry's momentum lining. The reason why the rubber liner can greatly improve the service life is related to its ability to mitigate the impact of the steel ball and has strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties;
    2) Low power consumption, high output, and reduced production costs. The weight of the rubber liner is one-fifth of that of the high-manganese steel liner. Therefore, under the same conditions, the power load is greatly reduced. Compared with the high-manganese steel, the power consumption can be saved by about 40%, and the output can be increased by about 40%. The operation rate of equipment has been relatively increased by nearly 18%, which has greatly improved economic efficiency and reduced the unit cost of production.
    3) Reduce working noise and improve the working environment. After the ball mill is installed with rubber liners, the noise is reduced due to strong shock absorption and sound insulation, and the total weight of the mill is greatly reduced, mechanical wear during operation is also reduced accordingly, and the service life of the equipment is also prolonged.
    4) Convenient maintenance and reduced labor intensity. In terms of maintenance, the replacement of the liner needs to be carried out in the mill barrel. The weight of the single piece of the rubber liner is very light, which greatly facilitates the installation and greatly reduces the labor intensity.

    Rubber liner can effectively improve the efficiency of grinding, because the use of natural rubber, the rubber itself has a very good elasticity, after the steel ball is dropped from a high place, it will be rebounded by the rubber, forming a second lift on the ball and Secondary crushing of material. Moreover, the steel ball and the rubber lining plate are used as a buffer lifting effect instead of direct friction, which can save a large amount of steel ball costs for the manufacturer in one year.

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