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Iron remover

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Introduccin del producto serie YDRC de Imanes permanentes de auto descarga removedor es un alto rendimiento ncleo magntico permanente, abandon cinturn de hierro, motor de engranajes, un bastidor, tambor, y otros componentes, lo utilizando v

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Product introduction
RCYD series permanent magnet self-twisting iron remover is composed of high-performance permanent magnetic core, abandoned iron belt, deceleration motor, frame, roller , etc It is used with various conveyors. Used for automatic cleaning of ferromagnetic materials from non-magnetic materials. Pendant self-discharging permanent magnetic iron detector series RCYD is an automatic device for removing iron. When it works, the ferromagnetic material, which will be continuously adsorbed on the iron removal device, will automatically be ejected through the rotation of the leather iron release belt to achieve the purpose of automatic iron discharge. The model has a wide scope of application, energy saving, easy maintenance, extremely low failure rate and stable and reliable operation under extremely harsh conditions. This model is used by many factories.

Technical Data of the Iron remover

Model Belt width
Rated height
Material thickness
The strength of 
the magnetic field
belt speed
≤m / s
Working system Вес
RCYD(C)-5 500 150 100 65 1.5 4.5 continuous 750
RCYD(C)-6.5 650 200 150 70 1.5 1200
RCYD(C)-8 800 250 200 70 2.2 1400
RCYD(C)-10 1000 300 250 70 3.0 2120
RCYD(C)-12 1200 350 300 70 4.0 3350
RCYD(C)-14 1400 400 350 70 4.0 4450
RCYD(C)-16 1600 450 400 70 5.5 6200

Picture of Iron remover

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