Phosphate rock production base located in LiaoNing Province, China

Phosphate rock production base located in LiaoNing Province, China

  • LocationLiaoNing Province, China

  • Completion timeMay 2022

  • Delivery methodSea/land

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    20000 tpd of raw ore
    Process: 20000 tpd of raw ore, first magnetic separation of iron and then flotation of phosphorus, iron tailings after grading, regrinding, concentration of phosphorus selection, the fineness of the feeding material is 200 mesh, account 50%. The selected phosphate grade is 2.2%, after one coarse, one sweep, two refined, concentrate grade is 36%, phosphorus concentrate recovery rate is 80%.

    Main equipment: 2 sets of Ф8*500 cyclone for tailings classification, 2 sets of 2460 linear screen water screen, 2 sets of Ф80m thickener for pre-flotation concentration, 2 sets of 3245 ball mills for regrinding, 2 sets of inflatable stirring flotation machine: 6 sets of XCF40, 14 sets of KYF40, 4 sets of XCF16, 2 sets of KYF16, 6 sets of XCF8, 6 sets of KYF8, 3 sets of 500m2 of inclined-plate thickener for concentrates concentration, 1 set of Ф15m thickener, and 2 sets of 80m2 disc filters.

    Phosphorous is an important mineral raw material, and more than 80% of the world's phosphate ores are used to produce phosphate fertilizers and can also be used to make pure phosphorus. The vast majority of phosphorus ore needs beneficiation processing to be utilized. Commonly used phosphorus ore beneficiation processes include flotation, gravity separation, scrubbing desliming, chemical beneficiation and so on.

    Phosphate Ore Flotation Method
    Flotation method is a very commonly used method in phosphate ore beneficiation. Phosphorus minerals and gangue minerals are closely symbiotic, and the embedded particle size is fine. The flotation method can obtain better flotation indicators.Commonly used flotation processes include direct flotation, reverse flotation, double reverse flotation, etc.

    Phosphate Ore Gravity Separation
    The phosphate ore gravity separation process is mainly a heavy medium mineral separation method, which uses the different densities of phosphorus minerals and impurity minerals to select a medium with a density between the two, so that one mineral floats in the medium and the other sinks. To achieve the purpose of separation, the gravity separation method has high sorting efficiency and little environmental pollution. It can be used as a pre-selection operation to exclude most of the gangue to improve the indicators of subsequent sorting operations.

    Phosphate Ore Scrubbing Desliming
    The phosphate scrubbing desliming is a simple process,it is physical benificiation, mainly for weathered phosphate ore. The ore is scrubbed or grounded in the water to remove the surface mud to enrich the phosphorus minerals, but the enrichment of scrubbing method is relatively low.

    Phosphate Chemical Beneficiation
    Phosphate ore chemical beneficiation method is with the help of pharmaceutical leaching solution to remove the gangue minerals in the ore, mainly carbonate minerals, but the cost of this method is high, only when other beneficiation methods can not get a better concentrate index is selected.

    In addition to the above four methods, the phosphate ore beneficiation process also includes roasting method, photoelectric sorting method, etc. However, at present, flotation method is the more effective phosphate ore beneficiation method.


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